PhD Students

Masters Students

  • Léa Côté-Turcotte

Undergraduate Students


  • Julien Roy, PhD 2024 "Effective Reward Specification in Deep Reinforcement Learning," in co-supervision with Chris Pal.
  • Vincent Taboga, PhD 2024 "On Intelligent and Adaptive Control of Thermal Loads in Buildings under Demand Response Programs", in co-supervision with Hanane Dagdougui
  • Mahan Fathi (ماهان فتحی), MSc 2024 "Beyond the Horizon: Improved Long-range Sequence Modeling from Dynamical Systems to Language"
  • Sobhan Mohammadpour, MSc 2023 "On Choice Models in the Context of MDPs," in co-supervision with Emma Frejinger.
  • Padideh Nouri, MSc 2023 "Sample Efficient Reinforcement Learning for Biological Sequence Design"
  • David Yu-Tung Hui (許宇同), MSc 2023 "Stable Continuous Control," in co-supervision with Aaron Courville
  • Paul Crouther, MSc 2023 "Model-Based Hyperparameter Optimization"
  • Anushree Rankawat, MSc 2023 "Accelerated Algorithms for Temporal Difference Learning Methods"
  • Simon Dufort-Labée, MSc 2021 "Steepest Descent as Linear Quadratic Regulation"
  • Nikolaus Howe, MSc 2021 "Learning Neural Ordinary Differential Equations for Optimal Control"
  • Michel Ma, MSc 2021 "Parsimonious Reasoning in Reinforcement Learning for Better Credit Assignment"