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I will be an assistant professor in January 2020 at University of Montreal's Diro and Mila. I'm interested to work with candidates at the intersection of machine learning, operations research, simulation, optimization, or neuroscience. In order to pursue your studies at Mila, you first need to go through the admission process and submit your application between October 15 and December 15 2019.

I defended my PhD thesis in June 2018 under the supervision of Doina Precup and then joined Emma Brunskill's group for my postdoc. What drives me as a researcher is the process of understanding and synthesizing disparate concepts into a coherent form. I like to establish connections to other disciplines to build a richer and more complete toolset. My research generally pertains to the challange posed by the curse of horizon when learning and planning over long time spans. I'm interested to tackle this problem from a representation learning perspective grounded in optimization and automatic differentiation methods.