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I am currently a postdoc in Emma Brunskill's group. I defended my PhD thesis in June 2018 under the supervision of Doina Precup. I'm a reinforcement learning researcher and computer scientist by training. The main topic of my research so far has been that of temporal abstraction in reinforcement learning and its underpinnings in representation learning. What drives me as a researcher is the process of understanding and synthesis of disparate concepts into a coherent form. I like to establish connections to other disciplines to build a richer and more complete toolset.

I will be an assistant professor in January 2020 at University of Montreal's Diro and Mila. I'm looking for motivated (most of the time) and curiosity-driven students to work on reinforcement learning. I'm also interested to work with candidates at the intersection of operations research, simulation, optimization, and neuroscience. To know more about the admission process at Mila, you can consult this page and reach out to me by email.