Reinforcement Learning and Optimal Control

This course (IFT6760C) is intended for advanced graduate students with a good background in machine learning, mathematics, operations research or statistics. You can register to IFT6760C on Synchro if your affiliation is with UdeM, or via the CREPUQ if you are from another institution. Due to the research-oriented nature of this class, you need to be comfortable with a teaching format involving open-ended questions and assignments. You will be required to think critically and adopt an open mindset. My teaching goal with this course is for all the participants to build their own understanding of reinforcement learning in relation to their primary research area while sharing their unique perspective and insights with the entire class.


The following evaluation structure is subject to change depending on the class size.

There is no mandatory textbook. I will however be referencing content from:


See IFT6760C-H20 for previous edition


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